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Green Springs Inn

11470 Highway 66

Ashland, OR 97520, United States



Green Springs Inn & Cabins is pet friendly. We do not charge extra for animal companions. However, we do charge for additional cleaning or damage that results from pet occupancy.

Dog guidelines

Do not leave your dog unattended and unconfined in a cabin or room. If you need to leave your pet alone, please use a carrier or crate. Many animals feel more secure in unfamiliar settings if they have private dens. We can lend you a suitable crate if you do not have one.

Leash your dog when you are outside on our property. Our neighborhood is home to predators including mountain lions and coyotes. Our chickens can bring out predator behavior in otherwise gentle dogs. Do not let your dog roam alone outdoors, particularly at night.

Bathtubs, Jacuzzi tubs and furniture are off-limits for dogs. We are committed to providing immaculate accommodations to all of our guests. Most likely you do not know how costly it can be to clean dog hair and other detritus from bedding, upholstery or plumbing in a hotel setting. We do not want to tell you, so please ensure that your dog does not incur any additional expenses.

Be aware of other dog-related concerns. For example, our cabins have softwood floors. If your dog has long nails, please clip them and avoid rough indoor play that will result in deep scratches.

Cat issues

Traveling with cats can be more difficult than traveling with dogs. Under most circumstances, we discourage our guest from bringing cats. In some exceptional situations, such as household moves, we can negotiate special arrangements. Part of such an arrangement would be an agreement that you keep your cat confined to a carrier or crate at all times when it is indoors. Keep in mind that cleaning up after a cat and removing cat odor can be particularly expensive.

Dog travel resource

For information about other Northwest lodging establishments that welcome dogs, consult The Dog Lover's Companion to the Pacific Northwest by Val Mallinson (Avalon Press) or Click Here to visit the website.

11470 Hwy 66

Ashland, OR 97520, United States



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