Green Springs Inn & Cabins
11470 Hwy 66
Ashland, OR, 97520, United States
(541) 482-0614

Pet Policy

Pet Policy

Green Springs Cabins is dog friendly. We do not charge extra for animal companions. We ask guests not to bring more than two dogs and to avoid situations that might cause damage or housekeeping problems. For example, avoid leaving a dog unattended and unconfined in a room or cabin. Do not allow dogs beds or furniture. Be sensitive to barking or any behavior that might annoy other guests.

We have found that an unfamiliar environment can be hazardous to cats and vice versa. Please do not bring a cat.

Let us know if you plan to bring a pet. We will put a pet welcome kit in your room or cabin. Our kit includes a toy, treats, towels to dry wet fur and cloth covers to protect furniture.

In response to requests from several guests, we have set designated Rooms 3 and 7, as well as Boccard Point and Hobart Peak cabins, as pet free. If you have already reserved one of these accommodations for the coming season and plan to bring a pet, we will honor your reservation.

Our neighborhood is home to predators including mountain lions and coyotes. Please do not leave your pet alone outdoors, particularly at night.

Our cabins have softwood floors. If you bring a dog, please clip his or her nails and avoid rough indoor play that will result in deep scratches.

If you need to leave your pet alone for any period of time, please use a carrier or kennel. Many animals feel more secure in unfamiliar settings if they have private dens. Also, please do not invite your pet into a bathtub or Jacuzzi.

For information about other Northwest lodging establishments that welcome dogs, consult The Dog Lover’s Companion to the Pacific Northwest by Val Mallinson (Avalon Press) or visit the web site.