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We are located 17 miles east of Ashland, about a 25-30 minute drive on Highway 66 which winds up a mountainside. The drive is stunningly beautiful, but we want to make sure guests know that we are not located inside Ashland city limits.

Directions from Ashland

Take Exit 14 from Interstate 5. Travel east on Hwy 66

toward Klamath Falls, past Emigrant Lake. Stay on the paved road, which climbs from about milepost 9 to milepost 15.

Directions from Klamath Falls

Take the Greenpsprings Highway (Hwy 66) exit from Hwy 97 and drive 45 miles west through Keno.

We are located at the Hyatt Lake Access Road turnoff between the 17 and 18 mile markers.

Photographing the Lake

Nearby Activities

  • 1.8 miles away: Pacific Crest Trail

  • 4.4 miles away: Hyatt Lake   

  • 10 miles away: Howard Prairie Lake   

  • 14 miles away: Emigrant Lake

  • 17 miles away: Ashland, OR      

  • 27 miles away: Fish Lake   

  • 28 miles away: Mount Ashland Ski Resort 

  • 30 miles away: Copco Reservoir, California 

  • 30 miles away: Lake of the Woods

  • 31 miles away: Medford

  • 44 miles away: Klamath Falls

  • 58 miles away: Upper Klamath Wild and Scenic River   

  • 85 miles away: Crater Lake National Park 

  • 86 miles away: Wild and Scenic Rogue River 

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